All types of species have value in the Biocaching game: plants, birds, mammals, insects, mushrooms, fishes; any species you come across. You start by taking a photo so that the species can be identified. An observation also includes the time and place and may optionally include other information, such as the number of individuals, a comment, gender, size, colour and age or stage.

After the observation is submitted in the game, you are rewarded with points. Players may get additional points for the amount of information submitted, being the first to observe a species in an area, to have observed all species within a predefined group, or other achievements. Players will also be able so see and interact with other players' observations, through comments and likes, which in turn can provide points.

Observations will be forwarded to national and international databases for biodiversity observations. As such playing the Biocaching game is a contribution to research and environment monitoring.

While Biocaching first and foremost is about having fun by learning, reporting and competing, there is a serious element to it. For both science and management dealing with changes in our environment, it is vital to have access to as much quality observations as possible. Since observations are documented with media files they can be quality controlled, and by openly sharing all generated data.

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The team

Image of Albin

Albin Larsson

Albin is currently studying Orienteering and Technology: informations and media technology at Nyköpings gymnasium in Sweden. He also freelances for both local and international clients. On his free time Albin practice orienteering and makes maps.

Image of Alice

Alice Polenghi

Alice is an italian graphic designer specialized in maps and wayfinding design. She's now based in Tromsø, Norway, where she works as freelance designer. In the free time she likes walking out in the nature, dancing swing and manufacturing things.

Image of Bjørn

Bjørn Hjelle

Bjørn has been a programmer and systems architect for years, for small and large organisations. He currently works for Acando Norway AS where he specialises in search technology. He enjoys being out in nature and learning about how species interact and how the processes in nature work.

Image of Davide

Davide Rapotez

Davide is a psychology student from Italy, and he's particurarly interested in perception psychology and design thinking. He's also based in Tromsø and collaborates with Alice, with focus on the user experience. In his spare time he likes dancing swing, reading more psychology books and being out inthe nature.

Image of Peter

Peter Bremer

Peter has a masters degree in urban planning and has been working with web development for over 20 years. Coming from the Netherlands, he now lives in Trondheim, Norway. He has a passion for map making, hiking and photography.


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